Saturday, January 23, 2010

Training Success and a Traveling Pillow

It's certainly been a busy, but rewarding, two months training my new humans. I think they've finally "got it!"

Most people just stick the vacuum cleaner as far as it'll go under the bed, crossing their fingers they are getting all the dust and dirt out, but not my parents. I have them well trained. Last week my parents cleaned UNDER the bed by COMPLETELY REMOVING THE MATTRESS so they could get at ALL the dirt and dust they have missed all these years. I give my parents 4 paws UP!

Here is the "before" pic... look at all that dust I was choking on!

Sorry, I was so excited they were cleaning that I forgot to take the "after" picture.

And here's another example of training success. My Mom AND DAD, went to the fabric store and look what they came back with. Fabric for ME! Mom made another bed for me. And she did this on her HOLIDAY from work (Martin Luther King Day). I've got the best Mom!

I have to snoopervise.

It's pretty good... very thick and warm. She used the best batting to go in the pillow.

Mom wanted there to be "walls" but instead she accidentally made "flat walls." She was going to fix it, but I told her I was happy with her work and didn't want her to exhaust herself. Even if her sewing skills aren't the best, she still is a really good Mom!

Here I'm just testing it out:

My new pillow blanket goes in the bay window in the kitchen, therefore my pillow is GREEN to match the outside foliage... Not only do I get a great bird's eye view, but I get to observe the outside in COMFORT AND STYLE!

Even though my pillow is supposed to be in the bay window, Mom moves it around for me so I can use it when I visit other places in the house. I guess it's a Traveling Pillow!


Isis said...

what a fantastic bed! I'm jealous! Prints, how is your head healing up?

I used to like to hide under the bed all the time- but with my hips these days i can't get under there anymore. :( i used to hide under there and then chase sister, and when she chased me back i'd fly back under the bed so she couldn't get me. It was such a great game!

Sister's babies aren't allowed under the bed, because hansel tried to eat through the bottom. :(

Jan's Funny Farm said...

You are so lucky. Jan is untrainable. (We don't care if there is no such word.) And you have your own traveling bed now. What a mom!

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

You have the best mom ever! Our mom is not smart enough to sew. Your traveling bed is pawsome and you look so cute in it. And my mom says who knew you could take the bed apart to clean under it.....she wishes you had not written about this, as now we will have to train her to do that too!
Hope you are having a good weekend!

Brian said...

See. when we first met I told you that you would have them trained in no time! Delightful traveling bed...ya done good!!!!!

Jasmine the Doggie said...

Your new bed looks very comfy! Yes Prints, you do have the BEST Mom & Dad! You are a very Lucky Kitty!

Noll's Nip said...

You do have the best mom! Enjoy that comfy traveling bed :)

Digby and Prinnie said...

Prints, you REALLY DO have the very best mom! How awesome that you have you very own traveling pillow bed....I think your mom is extrodinarily talented!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Prince!
I can see how much you like your new bed!
Your Mom is the best!
Kisses and hugs

Teddy Bear said...

My Mommy loves the fabric that your Mom chose for your new pillow/bed. She did a pawesome job.:) You are training your pawrents very well.:)

Teddy Bear

The Paw Relations said...

That travelling pillow is so cool! we wish our mum could make stuff like that.

In answer to your question about everyone posting about balanced. It is a photo hunt hosted by Criz Cats Sanctuary here

Every week there is a different theme and you have to take pictures or find old pictures that go with that theme. It's lots of fun.

Hoshi said...

how lovely bed you have... it's filled with your mom and dad's LOVE :)

Catherine said...

You are so lucky ~ a cuddly bed no matter where you decide to curl up!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Your mom is very talented to make you a special custom bed of your own! Both mom and dad must love you A LOT! It looks very comfy...enjoy!

The Animal Doctor said...

You look so contented, Prints. Finally, you're home. Im so happy for you. I hope the animals left in the pound would get their own Moms( hopefully, one who knows how to sew too).

P.S Thank you so much for sending us a cute memorabilia of Hannah. I stuck it in my computer so I see Hannah everyday. :)

The SEcretary