Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Toilet Flushing, I Forgot - To Worry Or Not

This morning I forgot to flush the toilet. The lady and man are worried I'm not feeling well, plus I didn't poop yesterday. Ever since I moved in with my new family, I have been flushing the toilet regularly and pooping regularly. This is the very first time I forgot to flush.

  • Thursday evening - I got new litter, so the toilet is still pretty clean (says the lady.) The man and lady clean the pieces out every time they see I made a present for them, so they do this on a daily basis, if not hourly.
  • Sunday evening, Canned food - They put some new (EXPENSIVE) canned food into my food bowl. I didn't touch it. I'm not food oriented though, even though I'm on the chubby side. Normally I only eat kibble. Canned food is supposed to be special.
  • Sunday evening, flea product - The lady applied some flea product on me. She has used this on me before, without incident.
  • Monday - They left the canned food in my food bowl, with the kibble, but I didn't eat much of the kibble on Monday and still didn't eat the canned food. They removed the canned food from my bowl in the afternoon.
  • Monday evening - The lady wasn't watching where she was going. I was sitting right by her. She whacked me by accident. But I was okay because when she got the toy ribbon out, to make up with me, I started playing with the ribbon immediately.
  • Tuesday morning (today) - Still haven't eaten much kibble but it's only 8am. Usually I might eat a tiny bit when the people are sleeping during the night, but the lady says she thinks I didn't touch the kibble.
I haven't pooped since sometime on Sunday, and I was really regular before. How many hours does it take for food to make it through a cat's body? If I haven't eaten much, I guess nothing will come out. For dogs, the lady knows it takes about 48 hours for food to get from one end and out the other end. Hopefully I'll poop today, after eating some kibble.

Do you think the combination of -- (1) flea product, (2) new canned food sitting in my bowl, (3) not eating much Monday, and (4) getting bumped by the lady -- contribute to my forgetting to flush? Does the lady have anything to worry about? Does she need to wash my bowl out to get rid of the canned food smell that might still be in the bowl? Just how finicky are us cat? The lady wants to know! Is she being neurotic?


JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

You are well into your training of your humans that is fur sure! Cats are finicky and we like to make are humans nuts, and make them worry and stuff. Canned food is an interesting thing. Chester has not ever eaten a bite in his life! You may not like the brand. We each only like certain types, and not always! We like to keep our mom guessing, and we think it is funny when she goes to the store and buys a whole bunch of new types for us to try and then we turn up our noses! We think you are probably ok, just making sure your lady is paying attention. Not flushing is a boy thing, I think. Now pooping...hhhmmm...we usually poop about every 24 hours, but if you have not eaten much, you won't poop as much. We don't have to get flea stuff, cuz we have not had fleas in our house forever.
As far as neurotic goes....that describes our mom purrfectly, and your lady must be well on her way too with your training!

Sammy and Andy said...

We do like to train our humans.......and some of us are really particular about what we eat and do....one of us...not saying which....will NOT use the litter to poop in, and uses a rug our Mom leaves by the litter box.....and will NOT flush.....various types of litters etc have been tried over the years and nothing makes a difference, so our Mom just lives with it. One of us won't eat anything of a canned nature unless it's Salmon and the other will eat anything outta a can.......we're just like those humans, we have our likes and dislikes. We do purray that this is only you training your humans and that nothing is seriously wrong. xxxxxxxxxx

The Creek Cats said...

Us kitties are very good at confusing and driving or humans nutzo! We have to agree with JB and Sammy and Andy, they have given great advice. Some of us kitties only poop once a day, while others of us will go twice a day. But they are right, if you aren't eating much, not much will be coming back out. We have used flea control before and one of us kitties, Chevelle, had a reaction that caused vomiting, but she was fine a day later. We hope you will be just fine and back to normal very soon!!!
Oh and your mom isn't being neurotic, she's just being a mom!

Jasmine the Doggie said...

Hi Prints

My Angel Sister Kitties were very fussy eaters and my mom had to figure out which flavor and brand were their favorites. They would only eat THAT kind, nothing else. Those silly kitties!

Hmmm...I think that my sisters always flushed the litter box. I wouldn't worry too much unless he starts leaving you presents "outside" the litter box.

Prints may need a little bit of Yummy Canned Salmon mixed in with his kibble to help "move things along".


Harry Spotter said...

It takes a while for humans to be trained, and as for the pooping thing, you need to poop. You will feel better and then probbaly will want to eat. I will be purring for you to poop. Keep us posted.

ButterBean said...

If you havent pooed yet .. umm you may want your mom to call the vet .. sometimes they can give a good suggestion .. when I strain alot momy gives me a little vasaline on the roof of my mouth ... makes it easier for the poops to slide out. if you dont like wet food then you shouldent be subject to having to be near it theres nothing wrong with only eating dry cereal - sometimes flea goo can make you really really thursty ... its good that your mom is keeping a good eye on you

Lorenza said...

Hi, Prince!
We don't know about kitty habits but sure it is important to poop!
Maybe a call to your Vet will help your mom to know what is going on.
I will be waiting for poopy news!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Teddy Bear said...

Oh, Prints, we don't know much about kitties but we sure hope you are ok. Are you still getting used to your new toilet and your new man and lady? Please eat and let all that stuff out.:)

Teddy Bear

Tibby said...

It looks like you are doing a great job training your people! It sounds like you have gotten some good advice from the others on your potty problem! I hope all is back to normal soon!
:) Tibby

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Sometimes you cats are SO different from dogs! I wouldn't DREAM of "going" in the house! Hope you are feeling better.

MyPetChannel.tv said...

Hi Prince! We found your blog and we love it! Hope you don't mind us featuring it on our Pet Bloggers Section. Here's the link: http://www.mypetchannel.tv/whats-hot/a-cats-second-life/

Keep on blogging!