Monday, November 30, 2009

Present from Jelly Bean

JB has welcomed me into the Cat Blogging world by sending me presents. Whoo hoo! My first present! And, my first package in the US Postal Mail, addressed to me, Prints the Cat.

This is me before opening up my present. See how sleepy I am? I'm trying to get in a cat nap!

And here are pics of me opening the present. It's a catnip banana toy and a feather catcher! The lady and man have never had either of these toys, so I had to teach them how to play with them.

I will first show pics of me playing with the banana catnip toy. I could smell the catnip from across the room; it was so strong! The toy store sure knows how to bottle up catnip in a banana.

The was the first time the people saw me playing with a stuffie of sorts.

Ohhhh, I feel soooo good!!!! Meow! I'm in catecstasy! I'm in rapturous delight!

That sure woke me from my slumber.... and in a really good way! Thank you JB! I love my new toys!!! Thank you for the welcome! Tomorrow the lady is going to let me play with the feather toy and we will take pictures of me, Prints the Cat! (well, I still don't have a permanent name, but the people are working on it.)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thank You, Hansel

Hansel, I want to give a BIG Thank You to you for introducing me to the Cat Blogosphere! Every cat (and dog) has given me such a warm welcome! I have so much to learn about the cat blogging world and my new people probably will have lots of questions to ask of all you cats.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lesson Number Two

Does anyone see anything wrong with this litter box set up? Perhaps something is missing from my litter box? My new people have a lot to learn.

Lesson Number One


This is what my lady learned from her friends recently. My lady's response was "Well, that explains things now."

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Counter Surfing

The lady is still getting used to me. Right now she shakes her head at me when she spies me on the counter or bar or desk. I wonder if my new name is "ay yai yai." She says that when she sees me counter surfing.

But, I am training her well. We are making lots of progress.

A Cat Formerly Known as Prince

I have been sitting in laps since I got to my new home. I purred and rubbed my head against anyone who would stop and take notice of me. But now that I am acclimating and exploring my new home, I'm not as affectionate anymore. The lady and man think I scammed them! The lady has started to call me by a new name, Scammers.

Friday, November 20, 2009


The lady threatened to take back my new fancy scratcher, so I have decided to humor her and play on it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Prints vs. Prince

The people have been calling me Prints, instead of Prince. It makes no difference to me. I don't respond to either.

Cardboard Scratcher

I prefer the simple unrefined cheap cardboard scratcher that I came home with from the shelter. The lady and man just do not understand why I don't like the fancy scratcher with the feather underneath and all the scrolly areas to sit in.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scratchy Scroll

Yet another new item has popped up! This looks similar to JB's! It looks fancy. I think I won't use it for a while just because.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Freedom

After a couple days confined to the bathroom, I was given new freedom into the entertainment room. The people said I looked like ET, stretching and craning my neck to behold all the interesting things that will be mine. They also said it looked like I thought a giant hawk was gonna swoop down on me! I guess it's been a while since I've been allowed into a big room with tall ceilings.

I immediately found a bed to hide under. But little did I know it was MURPHY BED! After a few hours under the bed, the people just lifted it right up and I was exposed!

I found a nice window perch to sleep on and spy on the neighbors. Since they had seen me curl up into a little ball before, they bought this cushy round bed for me, fit for a king, but I of course refuse to have anything to do with it, just because. The cheap old pillow is good with me, so back to the store with the round bed!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Care for a Drink?

Do you cats do this, too? I wait patiently next to the tub for my people to finish their showers, then I hop in!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Lady and My Litter Box

The lady sifted around my litter box and got really excited when she saw what I had left in there. She was very happy to learn I know how to use a litter box. I am beginning to think she isn't a cat person so I will have to teach her the ropes.

Red Laser Show

The lady and man think I am overweight. They said I have a 1-2 inch roll of extra fat around my belly. I am almost 14 pounds. I was probably free fed lots of grainy foods by my previous person. I also don't like to exercise much, as you can see in this video of me taken when the lady and man first met me. I enjoyed the light show, but I refused to move out of my seat. Why move out of my seat when the light will come to me.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My New Home

I was dropped off at the animal shelter two months ago, but today I went home with this lady and this man to a new place. They thought they would go home with an 8 month old cat named Jenny, but the shelter volunteers, wearing "Give Them a Second Chance" t-shirts, persuaded them that an older cat, already so long behind bars at the pound, needed a new home more than Jenny did. Cats like me can go into a real funk after more than a couple of months in jail.

I wonder what adventures will be in store. They are keeping me in the bathroom, which is perfectly fine for me, at least for now. I have been purring and rubbing my head against them. I will even sit on their lap for an extended period of time. So far I have been everything they've expected. The shelter said I am a very affectionate cat. Hee hee, we shall see. But, for now, you can see the "trick" I performed at the shelter.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. The name I came with is Prince. The lady and man don't like that name, so they have been thinking of a new name for me. But for now, I am still Prince.