Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saving Victor Jr.

The other night we caught one mouse outside and one mouse in our garage. Last night, however, we caught little Victor Jr., but he was still alive in the trap!

My parents feared this would happen one day. These traps are meant for a quick death (and hopefully humane) to rats, and not for little wee mousies (or wee little rats).

So when my parents saw little Victor Jr in the trap this morning, still trying frantically to escape, my parents freed him, after all, he was not injured badly. We think it was his tail that was caught. The only problem with this is he is still going to grow up to be either a big rat or a big mousie and hang out on my property! There is good and bad to everything, always a catch-22.

Here is a video of my parents freeing Victor Jr.!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Visitor in My Yard

It's never quiet in my yard anymore. We've got rats, mice, and dogs!

Happy the Eskie came to visit my yard. Not sure I like her too much. She barks a lot and always wants to play. Can't a cat get some rest around here?

Rats Play Tricks

Here's an update on our rodent issue.

Two days ago we caught a BIG Papa Victor rat and one small mousie.

However yesterday, the rats played a trick on us! They ate the bait but didn't set off the two traps! With the 3rd trap, it went off but the trap was empty. These are some smart rats we're dealing with.

If only Mom would let me be the mouser, I'd take care of the problem. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good News and Bad News

The good news is last night at 11pm, we caught Victor Rat #3. The bad news is there sure are a lot of rats. The other bad news (or is this good news) is in the morning when Dad went to dispose of the rat, the trap and rat were gone. Is it good news or bad news that it seems some larger menancing critter disposed of the trap for us?

The other news is we also caught a mouse and Mom disposed of it this morning and reset the traps.

I am confused what is good news and what is bad news.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Victor Strikes Again

Victor struck again. And lost. The trap actually set off early evening yesterday, but no critter was found so Mom reset the trap again. Then during the middle of the night, Mom heard the trap go off. This rat is a grey color. The other was a mix of brown and black and grey, kind of like me! Will have to figure out a better way to trap all the rats. It'll get expensive with using two traps per day! Mom could just use me as a mouser, but she vetoed that idea.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Thrill of Victory!

There I was, at my patio window, when SHAZAAM! We caught Victor the Rat! I was so excited, I threw up! All these months of being patient finally paid off! But uh oh, not only did Mom clean up the heavy rat, she had to also clean up my carpet!

Despite our victory this afternoon (ewwww... turns out they come out during the DAYTIME!), the smaller mouse traps that we set last night seemed to have WALKED AWAY while the two rat traps were set off but empty.

Hmmmm, seems my house has an outdoor rodent issue, likely because the area in the canyon the rodents live in was being worked on recently. I wonder why my parents won't let me outside on my own to investigate?

Pee. S. Mom only took this photo of Victor because she figured she might need it in the future for identification purposes... in case we need to call in an exterminator.

Phyllis is Adopting a Cat!

Hi Phyllis,
This is Prints the Cat. I am thrilled that you have decided adopting a kitty is the right thing for your family. It's a great idea to go to the shelter to become familiar with kitties, but also know that a kitty will act differently in a shelter vs in their new home. Since you aren't a cat-person yet, you might be like my Mom when my parents first adopted me. Mom wasn't sure what to do with me and would furrow her brows often at me. But she came to love me, even though she knows my favorite person is my Dad, hence my blog. Best of luck when you find your new addition to your family. Be sure you also check if there are any foster kitties in foster homes. The foster parents will have a good idea about each foster cat's personality and maybe you'll be able to find a good match!