Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hi Cat???

Hi Friendz! My apologies for being MIA, but my secretary (aka Mom) has been pretty busy lately. Seems my parents came home with a new 15 month old critter, a hairless critter actually! While she takes up more of my parents time, I am happy to report that her FIRST English words are "Hi Cat", though I am disappointed I have been relegated to "Cat". I do have a name, ya know. She knows I am Prince but just doesn't know how to say it yet. (I will call myself Prince instead of Prints for this important post, so you remember my status in this household.) First thing in the morning she looks for me, says "Hi Cat" and then waves to me. She sure likes me. When my family plays together, I sit right in the middle of it all and the new little person likes to try to pet me. So far everything has been going well!

Here are some of my new toys, though I am just not sure what to do with them, so I indulge the new little person and let her play with them.

At first the new little person was terrified of stuffed animals. Well, who wouldn't be. They aren't real like the rest of us, eh? Anyhow, Mom was really disappointed and afraid the little person wouldn't come around, but she finally did. YAY! Here she is with Spotty the Giraffe.

By the way, she can say Spotty and knows who he is, but she doesn't know how to say Daddy or Mommy yet! At least she knows how to say "Hi Cat" and I get some kind of recognition, unlike my parents. Tee hee!