Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dad's Closet is Wonderful!!!

I found the bestest cozy seat in the whole house! It's in my absolute favorite person's closet, Dad's closet. He's got this wonderful pillow on the shelf that smells like him and I'm surrounded by all his clothes. It's the next best thing to cuddling on his lap!

Monday, March 29, 2010

In Memory of Hana, Please Help the Eskies in Shelters - We Are So Close to Winning

THANK YOU to everyone who has been voting for Eskie Rescuers United (ERU in Connecticut) in the Shelter Challenge. With so many people's help, we've gone from 3rd place to 1st place, but our percents are starting to slip. There's only half a month more of voting, and I'm hoping that you will vote another time today, to help us secure our first place lead and so we don't slip anymore. Our eskie shelter will win a grant of $1,000 if we have the most votes on April 18th. We are SOOO close to winning. Please help us secure the lead! It is free to do. No registration required. Just click a few links.
  • click on this link: The Animal Rescue Site
  • enter eskie for the shelter
  • enter CT (Connecticut) for the state
  • when "Eskie Rescuers United" from Colchester, CT shows up, click the "Vote" button
  • you'll be prompted to enter in a text word that matches the picture, then click "Confirm Vote"
Thank you so much for all your help! We are so close to winning. If anything, please do it in memory of my Angel Eskie Sister, Hana the Dog.

p.s. You can vote DAILY, from multiple internet browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lazy Afternoon

Are YOU looking at ME? Yes, I'm relaxing on the kitchen table. Ironic the evil spray bottle of water is next to me. My Mom is successfully trained to find me on kitchen counters, on chairs, on computer desks, on the bar counter, in cabinets, on the bedroom closet shelf, and in window sills! With a dog, she would look "down", but with a cat, she now looks "up." She says having a cat is different than having a dog.

I'm gonna take a snooze on the very edge of this kitchen table!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unique or Ordinary Fur

Mom took a close-up photo of my fur. Mom was looking at each strand of fur. Below is a picture of my shoulder. The fur close to my skin is black. Then the middle layer is tan and it's like an undercoat. The next layer is a bit of brown. And the very top layer is a fleck of gold, just on the tippy tip tip. Mom says a lot of people would pay good money for a dye job like this. I'm lucky my color is natural. I was born beautiful.

Here's another shot of me. This time it's of the black stripe down my back. You can see my natural flecked highlights on the tips along the side of my body.

And here's a picture of the whole ME!

Is my fur color unique or ordinary? What type do I have, if there is a word for it? Am I a ticked (agouti) tabby because I have bands of various color on each strand of fur? Likely a mackeral ticked tabby? Since I'm not in touch with my birth parents, I'm not able to ask them. Can you help me out? Please take a look at my other blog pics and you'll see I have the "M" on my forehead and spots on my belly and stripes on my body, too.

Edited: I found this but still am not quite sure what I am: "Both the mackerel tabby and the classic tabby have stripes and bars on the legs and tail and the classic "M" (or fleur-de-lys) marking on the forehead and the belly is usually spotted. The background colour is an agouti pattern, meaning that each individual hair has several bands of colour along its length. The foreground colour is the solid colour (non-agouti) of the markings."

Monday, March 22, 2010

I Am Not a Traitor

You all know how Mom's been training to become my cat masseuse so she can become my favorite. The other day Mom was trying to work on her computer. I must have sat between her and her keyboard at least 8 times that day because I was purring for a Cat Massage. She could barely even do her work because I kept interrupting her. She says she "created a monster!"

Well, when Dad heard about it, instead of coming to my defense about her "monster" comment, he immediately accused me of being a traitor and betraying him!

I am not a traitor! And I proved that to him when I went to use him as my personal pillow. He's still my favorite. There's no denying it, even when he labels me as a traitor.

But, I do plan to keep my Mom. She's pretty good. She gives the best cat massages while Dad makes the best human pillow! Boy, I'm sure a good trainer!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Undermining Dad

I'm gonna tell you a secret. Shhhh..... step closer so I can whisker it to you...

Dad caught wind of Mom's plan to become my favorite. He doesn't want to be undermined by Mom. Last night, when Mom and Dad sat on either side of me, he was really worried I'd choose Mom's lap and not his. He's determined to stay my favorite, so he's gonna learn Mom's new cat massage technique. He whiskered to me in confidence "We guys need to stick together!!" Today, he didn't wait for me to jump into his lap. Instead, he immediately scooped me up and sat me in his lap... he said that was so he could get bonus points.

Hee hee, this people training is going so much better than I thought it would! I've got my parents competing against each other for my affection and it benefits me all around! I've got them wrapped around my paw! What they don't realize is there's plenty of me to go around!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Art of a Good Cat Massage

My Mom has been training hard to become my favorite person. She started reading a book called "Cat Speak" so she can communicate with me better.

In the book, she learned about cat massage as a way to "bond better with your cat." She isn't sure if the "bonding" is working, but you can see for yourself from these pics that it's a pretty darn good massage!

Gotta get the top of the head... then she'll
get my "M" on my forehead next...

Ohhh, the neck.... that's it Mom, right there...

Must not forget the cheeks...

Ah yes, the other side of my neck....

And now the back of my head..... don't forget the ears please....

I feel so relaxed.....

Mom has massaged my whole head (including cheeks, chin, and the "M" on my forehead), ears, and neck. I'm immensely enjoying it so she just keeps continuing with that approach.

For those of you who are training your humans, here's the massage training guide. It's all nonscientific, but something tells me that won't matter to you.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Peek-a-Boo Nose

My nose says peek-a-boo to you!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big Little Man

I used to be called "the Little Man" but after visiting the dentist, I have stepped up a notch. Papa told me to be brave and stand up for myself at the dentist's office and I did. I hissed and hissed and hissed so much and fought back the technician with all my strength that with all the commotion, they weren't able to insert the anesthesia via an injection. Instead, they went on to Plan #2 and "burritoed" me in a towel and gassed me! Vets don't just gas anyone, you know. I was special. And now I've earned the title "Big Little Man."

p.s. We're in the middle of changing my blog's template and colors, so you might see things changing on you.

New Banner by Zoolatry

Wowie Zowie! Did you noticed the new banner on my blog? Maggy and Zoey from Zoolatry surprised me with a beautiful banner! That was super sweet of them and their Mom! Their Mom is so creative and artsy. I really like the theme of "prints" with the book, don't you? Thank you, Ann! Mao, mao!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Famous Friends Friday by Zoolatry

Last Friday my new friends, Maggy and Zoey, helped me to become famous. Yes, yes, I know I would have become famous this coming April when I am featured in my local shelter's newsletter, but Maggy and Zoey speeded up my famousness! If you could become famous a month early, you'd do it too, right?

Maggy and Zoey are from Zoolatry. Their Mom is an artist and she does wonderful magical things with pictures! She gathered up many of my prints (pun intended.... get it, Prints?) and put together a beautiful collage of me, Prints the Cat! I hope you stop by their Zoolatry blog to see the collage and let them know you visited! Maybe I can use the collage as my business card! The featured photos show how versatile I am in my poses. Whew, being famous is hard work! I am all tuckered out!

I am so flattered and honored Maggy and Zoey included me in their Friends Friday post! Yay! Thank you new friends, Maggy and Zoey!

I also want to let you know about their Collectibles Zoolatry blog. Please visit their 2nd blog that has their gallery of artistic photos. I was so intrigued by their Mom's beautiful works of art that I looked at all the posts from when their Mom first stared the blog. There are some very creative pieces of artwork. How wonderful it must be to be an artist!

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Territory!

Last evening, over the roar of the TV, my parents heard a racket coming from the other room. They said it sounded like I was being tortured by some machinery, like a garbage disposal, because I was making these horrible screeching noises! Panicked, they flew to find out where the sounds were coming from. There they found me, practically bouncing off the patio window, continuing to make these weird cat sounds, while my tail was "fluffed" out. Clearly something outside caught my attention. Upon long inspection from the inside looking out, my parents finally found the source of my frustration. It was a C A T in MY territory! Dad took a flashlight and shined the light in the cat's face and the cat took off... in the direction to go past my patio window and then he ran out of sight. I ran in the same direction in the house but could not find the culprit who was mocking me.

After a while, I finally calmed down. My parents are certain that if I were an outdoor cat, I would be minced meat for large cats that prowl my neighborhood. They are glad I am protected by being indoors. Yeah, I am a wimp but I am safe and healthy. I am glad my parents don't listen to me when I get so caught up in wanting to go outside without my leash. That's good training when they have the basic foundation of cat knowledge that I've so generously provided to help educate them, and then they build upon it to think for themselves, and come up with the right decision for our family.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Serious Break in the Rain

Since we had a break in the rain on Sunday, it was a good time for an outdoor adventure. I take my job exploring the great outdoors SERIOUSLY.

I discovered a SERIOUSLY large kitty grass buffet.

I met a very SERIOUS wabbit on my walk. He didn't blink an eye.

This room has a multitude of different scents. It's SERIOUSLY overwhelming!

This is an enormous room with no walls or ceilings. I could be a SERIOUS explorer if given the chance.

I spotted a tall tree that I was interested in exploring further. But then Mom said "Prints, we SERIOUSLY need to go back inside NOW!"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Top Dog

You're gonna LOVE this! This is the Snausages Man Pulls Sled Race which took place today in Alaska! A reversal of roles, as Life with Dogs say. Hmmm, what is that saying? "A picture is worth a thousand words."

On your mark, get set, GO!!!

Do you see who's in charge? Look closely.

Who's the boss now??!!!

They are all winners!

~ Photos by Al Grillo ~
~ Permission from Danielle Paleafico for me to post the pics ~

Here's an entertaining article about the race.

Hee hee, Dogs Rule (and Cats, too)!!