Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feelin' Fine Thanks to JB

Oh boy! Hello. What's this? I just woke from my cat nap. It looks like a present from Jelly Bean the Cat! She's got taste. Look at this fine wrapping paper she chose that has dogs and cats on it. And it came with a ribbon, too! I love my wrapping paper present! It came all the way from Switzerland!

Oh wait? You say there's more??? What a fine pillow this is with kitties and mice and paw prints on it. Ohhhhh, this is reallllly nice..... a cat nip pillow!

Most the pictures Mom took of me are of my head in motion.
I just could not get enough of this fine quality catnip. Ohhhhh.....

The Swiss definitely know how to make fine catnip.

Whoa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now
I feel good, I knew that I would
So good, so good, I got you
So good, so good, I got you
So good, so good, I got you

Oops, my head fell off the pillow.

Time for a little bitey with my new present. I am not usually this frisky, but today I am!

Sitting on this wrapping paper, I feel close to JB.

JB is the bestest!

Oh, but wait, there's more??? JB knows how much my little sister loves cats. My little sister's first word was CAT! I repeat, my little sister's first word was CAT and not Mama nor Dada. JB sent little sis a Swiss children's book. The story is about a kitty named Pitschi who wishes she were something other than a kitten. She tries to act like different animals, but in the end, Pitschi is very happy to be a cat. The story is delightful and heartwarming.

JB and Co., we love our presents! Danke schön!

I have a question for you, JB.

Do you think the cats in Switzerland pronounce Meow
the same way we do in the US?


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Keeping Warm

This week has been much colder. Mom finally decided to switch out little sister's clothes for the new winter season. Of course, being a C A T, I assisted her :-) Ahhhh, this is such a nice warm snuggly cozy place to park myself for my afternoon snooze. I might even say for a simple cat like me, with all the fleece clothes in this drawer, this is quite the luxurious spot...